Approaches to Wedding Photography


There are basically 2 primary approaches to wedding photography that are recognized today: Traditional and photojournalistic. Traditional wedding photography provides for more classically posed images and a great deal of photographer control interaction on the day of the wedding. A Photojournalist style of wedding photography takes its cue from editorial reporting styles and focuses more on candid images with little photographer interaction. These are two extremes and many of today’s photographers will fall somewhere in the middle of these two styles.

A third style that is becoming more popular is a fashion-based approach. In contemporary/fashion-based wedding photography, photojournalist will combine candid images of the events of the day with posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion photography as would be found in magazines. This style often involves more innovative and dramatic post-processing of images.

A fourth style that is popular in Asian countries, especially in China, is wedding studio photography. Typically, couples will select a studio in a similar manner as western couples select a wedding photographer. They will then make an appointment with the studio for either in-studio or location shoot, which is becoming popular in recent years, to do “glamour wedding shots”. In attendance will be a hair stylist and make-up artist in addition to the photographer and the couple. The couple will go through many changes of clothing and backgrounds in a similar manner to the fashion based approach.

The landscape of Wedding Photography has constantly evolved, it is a creative discipline and those proponents at the leading edge of the industry are constantly feeding new ideas into the photographic community. As a result trends will develop, mostly based around the core elements discussed. Some will be transitory while others will remain a traditional part. Time, locations, events, sets and wedding costumes are always considerations to come up with creative ideas for wedding photography


Why a professional photographer and not a friend or family member?

Photos are memories for ever so don’t regret the loss of bad quality(out of focus, not the right composition, to dark or to bright)photos after the wedding day and said, we should have got a professional photographer.

Like any job every one knows his job in side out, so does a photographer. A photographer is not someone that bought a camera and said a am a photographer now a can take any photo, no a professional photographer spends money on constantly upgrading there equipment and hours on developing there skills. They have the know-how, experience and the right equipment. Photography is a specialized field of work.

So get the right people for the right job to avoid appointment. We Do What We Do Best.

Lightning is key to photography, so plan that there are plenty of natural light left to take the best exposure pictures that will last forever and you want to look at it again and again, over and over.

To all the to be Husbands and Wife’s, may your wedding day be one of the greatest and memorable days of your life’s and that you grow old together with the old memories as fresh as your wedding day.


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