It can sound like a weird idea: get a perfectly good cake, then take photos of your 12-month-old making a real mess of it. But cake smashes are growing in popularity – and they’re a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Cake smash photography sessions started in America a few years ago. The cake smash is usually done around the child’s first birthday, and the photos are often used on the first birthday party invitations or just to mark the milestone. It’s often the first time the child has eaten much cake, and the first time they’ve been allowed to do whatever they want with it – whether it’s face-planting into it, putting icing in their hair, or knocking the whole thing over then crawling through it.

Some parents like to take a few photos of the clean up after the cake smash is done, taking some snaps of their little one in the bubble bath too.
One mum was worried about her daughter not liking the cake, or not being too enthusiastic about eating it. But, she pointed out, “It really didn’t matter. There are some gorgeous photos of her taking petite little bites!”

Note : We will provide the cake and please don’t forget to have fun with your child and enjoy the moment.




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