Welcome to Urnique Photography! This is a celebration of our photographic work, where you can enjoy the images displayed, hire us for your photographic needs, and comment on our blog, or like our Facebook and follow our page. We are from Pretoria, Moreletta Park, South Africa.

We are a highly motivated and dedicated team in our line of work. When we photograph someone or something, we are capturing an event or documenting a moment in time of their lives, not just what they look like, but who they are as people.

We love family portraiture and couples photography, which can either be shot in our studio or a venue of your choice. We also specialize in sport, wildlife, lifestyle, special event, corporate functions and landscapes. We are always looking forward to be shooting at another event or function, and will go the extra mile to ensure that your shoot goes smoothly and we also have no issues to travel.

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We believe in simplicity. A strong photograph does not need fancy lighting, weird angles and all technical technologies. I believe in clean and simple portraits, as they hold the true emotions and character of the persons in the photograph.

We work with normal, everyday people. Not everyone is comfortable being in front of the cameras, and often this will lead to photographs that seem awkward, unnatural and emotionless. With our friendly, easy going nature, we will always ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed with your shoot, and make it as much fun as possible. In the studio the photographer is more in control of the lighting and can setup a specific pose and mood. Kids are always fun to photograph, they have the ability to make you smile with their utmost innocence. Photographing a new born baby is very special, a brand new life, perfectly formed and uncomplicated.

Our Story:

This family business started in 2012 where we decided to follow our dreams and passion in photography and to make sure that each moment is captured to last forever. The name of our business means Butterfly kisses, which was inspired by the song by Bob Carlisle, Butterfly kisses. It is a very special song for our family and that is why we have decided to use it because we are family.

Members of the team: Urnique Photography consists of 4 team members. Jaco, Gerda, Bianca and Liane


Aaron Siskind said: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”


We also have a bakery side of the business. Here we create your dream wedding cake or a cake for that special moment like a birthday cake, baby shower cake or corporate event. Everything from a big cake to a small cupcake.


Thanks for visiting our web page and contact us to help you to create that special moments that will be lasting memories. 

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Tel numbers : Bianca : 0825512359,  Gerda : 0836302662,  Jaco : 0824171353

Email : urniquephoto@gmail.com


I am a proud user of unsponsored Canon, Manfrotto and MeFOTO professional equipment, all of which I own.

Please note, all images are of a high quality / resolution and have been resized to 1000px in either portrait or landscape format for your optimal viewing pleasure, some images or slideshows may take time to open. Thank you for your patience and understanding. All images have been edited with either Lightroom 5, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop elements and or a combination of all three. We shoot in RAW format.




Our Home Page is a quick overview of our Portfolio in the form of a simple slide show. Take some time to view the rest of our work in the other pages. Each page will grow over time as more images are added.

Come and experience landscapes like you have never seen them before. Our landscape photography ranges from wide open vistas, to close intimate scenes, stars, waterfalls, mountain ranges and majestic oceans.

Events, people and sport photography offers us the challenge necessary to capture the emotions and special moments that only live action event can offer. This is unposed, pure action waiting to be captured, as well as studio portraiture.

Come read about our experiences, travels, our shoots and our clients. From personal experiences to How-To posts, We have it all. Feel free to comment on the posts, and to “like” by clicking on the ♥ icon

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